A lady of quality who wishes to keep her true identity a secret ...

Lizzie Watson ran away years ago after the man she loved abandoned her when she needed him most. She thought she would never see him again when she took refuge with her daughter as a housekeeper in Wales, but he has just inherited the estate she works for. As long as circumstances prevent her from fleeing the estate and the earl, she must keep her identity a secret to protect her child from being locked in an asylum for an affliction with no cure.

A newly minted earl who is trying to move on and forget the past ...

Edward Atwell, the new Earl of Breningreal, retreats to his ancestral estate to temper his drinking and prepare for his upcoming wedding to a woman he doesn’t love but whose dowry he desperately needs to restore his earldom. When he arrives at his ancestral home and finds a woman who resembles the presumed-dead love of his life working as his housekeeper, he launches an investigation into her past, intent on discovering the truth about her.

Can she reveal herself to him as he attempts to grapple with his demons?

Can Edward and Lizzie avoid one another as long-forgotten desires resurface? Can they come to terms with their past? Can they forgive one another when the truth is revealed?